Lately I've had a bit of an obsession with analog synthesizers, so in order to get more familiar with the ins and outs of how subtractive synthesis works, I've decided to do a weekly series of electronic versions of country covers. First up is Let's Fall to Pieces Together made famous by George Strait. Enjoy! [...]

I'm gonna be honest with you for a minute, I'm a bit of a sucker. In the constant (albeit sometimes rocky) quest to better myself, I can get drawn in by the promise offered in a shiny new gadget or meditation technique or book recommendation. It's one such book recommendation that I'd like to discuss [...]

It's the day after Thanksgiving, we're all a little drained from the eating, drinking, and possible screaming matches we've had with our families. I managed to avoid that last thing (mostly by being 4000 miles away from any of my relatives) however there is one thing that does have me raising my voice, just below [...]